Commission on Visual Anthropology


Adel Andalibi


Adel Andalibi teaches media and culture at Peking University and conducts research at Here & Now ethnography Lab where he explores the border between visual ethnography, design thinking and community intervention. He has done field work in Iran, Kyrgyzstan and China and has being based in Beijing since 2010. Adel is fascinated by exploring the narratives and metaphors embedded in human body and narratives embedded in the space/city as the body of society. Stories in the human body drives him to the discipline of somatic psychology where he explores how bodily narrative defines a person's life experience and how these personal narratives are socially constructed in an anthropological perspective. Space narrative lead him to the realm of urban design, place branding and social innovation, where the collective story finds its body in social products.
Some video extracts from current work could be found at