Commission on Visual Anthropology


Composition of the CVA Commission

We will gradually make the following adjustments to the form of organisation of the CVA:
in first instance the Commission of Visual Anthropology will be composed of a group of enthusiastic practising visual anthropologists/ ethnographic filmmakers that are connected to anthropological or related academic institutions and Cultural Centres (like Musea) that encourage Ethnographic Research with the camera and teach visual anthropology courses, all over the world.
These members are not official representatives of existing organisations and institutions for Visual Anthropology.
The Commission will consist of between 10 and 15 persons from different regions in the world and will design the way to develop the activities of the CVA in the process.
In first instance, members of the board will be invited by the CVA-chairperson and later parting members will appoint their successor, from their region.
Membership of the Commission will be restricted to a maximum of 5 years and will then be passed on to a successor in the region.
In case of malfunction or political or religious or other abuse of the position, the executive board is entitled to dismiss the representative from his or her position.