Commission on Visual Anthropology


Aims of the New CVA

The CVA seeks to be more a facilitating network than a formal organisation, it will :

  1. organize panels at IUAES Conferences and Inter-Conferences.
  2. contribute to and encourage discussions on the use of audiovisual media in anthropological research in and outside academia.
  3. support the development of Visual Anthropology as a discipline worldwide
  4. keep a website that aims at offering a progressive forum for presentation and distribution of, and discussion on visual anthropological studies, be it ethnographic documentaries or other (multi) media presentations pertaining to the field of Visual Anthropology.
  5. seek to develop standards for Visual Anthropological academic publications that can be used within academic institutions.
  6. develop a serious academic discussion-forum by offering a peer-reviewing site where anthropologists supervising research-projects by PhD students and Master students can submit video-productions and other formats for peer-reviewing.